If you’re in business, why are you not in a corporation?

It is never wise to comingle personal credit and business credit. Long-time business owners know to keep their personal assets separate from their business assets. There are many small business owners that do not, however, and this is a bad idea, both logistically and legally.

If you have paid money to an attorney or the government to set up a business entity, whether an L.L.C. or Corporation, the last thing you want to deal with is administrative problems and difficulties like separating bank accounts and assets. This is a very important step to keep the limited liability of your company intact. In law, there is a business concept called “corporate veil” meaning your liability shield between your and your business. When you commingle your business and personal funds, creditors can “pierce the corporate veil,” and get into your personal assets through liability through your business. This the main reason to avoid commingling your funds.

Per attorney Mike Potter: you never want to mix personal credit with business credit by creating a corporate entity; you can then create corporate credit capabilities.

What is a C Corp?

If you are thinking about incorporating, you might want to form a C-corporation, which is the most popular form of corporation for business owners. A C-corporation provides liability protections, which is important for protecting your assets from risks that may arise when running your business. It also offers perpetual existence, allowing for businesses to grow and expand beyond a sole owner and operator. C-corporations also bring other benefits, including the option to sell stock and to grow without any real limits. In addition, the fact that your business is a corporation can increase its credibility among customers, potential partners, and suppliers.

To get the benefits of a C-corporation, get in touch with our team today. We can simplify the incorporation process, allowing you to quickly obtain the benefits of such a move without having to worry about whether or not your paperwork will be approved. We have years of experience in business development to share with you and can guide you through every stage of the process. We’ll be more than happy to become your partner during this time and to guide your business to the success you envision.

What is an S Corp?

Business owners who wish to incorporate but who want an alternative to C-corporations will want to learn more about S-corporations. These provide pass-through taxation, which means you can avoid double taxation of profits, only paying it on income received from the business. This makes them highly attractive to business owners who wish to limit their tax burden as their business grows. They also provide limited liability protections, which means you can take the risks necessary to grow your business without worrying about them endangering your own assets. However, S-corporations face closer IRS scrutiny and offer fewer options for obtaining shareholders, so you’ll want to consult with experts before making a decision.

Contact us to learn more about what an S-corporation can mean for your business. We can provide you with some greater perspective and can help you find out if it is suitable for your business and where you hope to take it. Our experts can share their experience with you, providing you with the guidance that you need to succeed with your choices. An S-corporation could be the perfect type of corporation for your enterprise, and we’ll make sure that you have all that you need to decide on this. Contact our office and sooner than you think, you could be ready to take your business to the next level of success.

What is an LLC?

If you want to combine the structure of a corporation with the flexibility or a sole proprietorship, an LLC could be just right for you. LLCs represent the newest form of corporation available to business owners and combine some of the best elements from incorporated and unincorporated entities. They can business owners to capture tax benefits and liability protections that come with owning a corporation. At the same time, LLCs are bound by less-restrictive rules regarding internal decision-making and governance. Given their capabilities, LLCs are ideal for businesses run by a single person or which expect to experience fast growth.

Our experts can guide you through the incorporation process if you would like to turn your business into an LLC. If you are running a sole proprietorship, consider converting it into an LLC in order to gain all of the benefits of a corporation with few of the burdens. We can guide you step-by-step through the process, making sure that you have all of the coverage you are looking for. The decision to incorporate could be the best one you ever make for your business and can prepare your business for new growth and success. Contact us today to learn more about your options and to get started on the path to success!

How does a website benefit me?

Your company’s website is its face to the world, so it’s important to make sure yours looks its best. Potential customers want to visit an easy-to-navigate website that provides them with easy access to the products and services they want. Those who aren’t ready to buy can still find your website if you provide information they can use, turning you into a respected authority in your industry. On the other hand, prospects won’t be interested in buying your products or services if your site loads slowly or if it looks dated. They’ll also be less likely to patronize your business if your website lacks the features they expect, such as e-commerce capabilities.

Our company can build you a fully-modern website that includes all the features today’s buyers expect, allowing you to showcase your products and services to buyers in your target markets. With one of our website, you can increase your web exposure, which can in turn draw in more potential customers. A great website can keep you competitive in today’s market and can position your company for even more success tomorrow. Your website is a central component for any marketing campaign and is a key asset of your business. We’ll make yours ready to help you position yourself ahead of your competitors. Call us today to learn what we can do to bring success to your business!

Why do I need a Logo?

A logo can help to set your business apart from competitors and is necessary for businesses that wish to succeed in today’s market. Whether it is simply a picture with your company’s colors or an elaborate design, your logo should be all that a viewer needs to get a sense of what your company offers. A logo can be a powerful reminder to customers of and an advertisement to others of what your company can do for them. They’ll look to it as a mark of quality and reliability, and if it is memorable, it can also serve as a piece of advertising for new clients. Your logo can help to elevate your business to new levels of success, and we’ll be more than happy to help you reach them.

When you need a team of professionals to design the perfect logo for your company, get in touch with us for the services you will need. We’ll be more than happy to create a logo for you that captures all that your company has to offer. A logo should capture the essence of your company in an image while also capturing the viewer’s attention. Our team of experts can do just that for your company, providing you with the centerpiece for your marketing and brand-building efforts. Get in touch with us to learn all about the services we can provide you to help you reach your goals.

How does branding benefit me?

More buyers than ever are looking to the quality of a brand before any other aspect of a business when making a buying decision. Current trends indicate that in the next few years, the majority of buyers will even prioritize a company’s brand over the quality of its products or services. This means you need to act today to be ready for this if you want to position your company for future success. Your company’s reputation will be defined by its brand, which can help to attract the right clientele if you know if you get the right team of experts to build yours.

Companies that take branding seriously today can better succeed tomorrow. Our experts can speak with you to determine the best ways your company can benefit from branding. Whether you are just starting out and need guidance from the start or if you have an established company and are looking to update your brand, we can help you reach your goals. We’ll work closely with you to craft a brand that highlights the elements of your business you want prospects to see most and can determine an appropriate strategy to market it to the widest array of potential customers. Call us today and we can get started.