Protect Your Personal Assets

Small business owners everywhere often fall victim to the same mistake. They start their small business in the most inexpensive and efficient way possible. Rather than incorporate or create a limited liability company, they choose to go the route of the sole proprietorship. This is not necessarily the best route for your business, or for you. By taking the road that seems easier today you may have set yourself up for decreased business revenue, increased tax audits, and a higher likelihood of losses from lawsuits in the future.

Here is the bottom line: A sole proprietorship is convenient, but it means that you and your business are one in the same. In which case you have put yourself in the position where you have no personal protection. In the unfortunate event of a lawsuit the plaintiff would have a full right to all of your assets, not only the ones that are linked to your business. Setting up an LLC or corporation will give you lawsuit protection that a sole proprietorship never would, as well as aid you with tax planning, give you financial privacy, and allow you to take bigger deductions.

By making the switch to a corporation or an LLC you are taking the first steps to giving yourself, your family, and your assets the protection that they deserve. First and foremost you need to work with someone who has the knowledge and experience to help you get the very best for your business. That is exactly what we aim to do. Every unique situation has it’s own unique set of needs. Our experts will give you professional guidance that will help you achieve the results that you were hoping for. Do what is right for your business today and give yourself protection long into the future.

How to get funding for any business

We take a no-nonsense approach to building business credit. No matter what your personal credit may be like you can obtain a Triple A Business Credit Rating. You will be able to establish corporate lines of credit in your business name without utilizing your social security number.


An analysis of your online presence $99

To pinpoint your strength and weaknesses, Protect Your Personal Assets want to conduct a thorough research into how far and wide your presence is online. Your business will benefit greatly when our analysis allows you to increase your visibility and further grow your brand’s recognition.

Online exposure Starting from $1699

Visibility is key to establishing your brand online and staking your own corner of the market. PYPA has a team of experts who are ready to create a personalized plan to increase your online exposure through the use of modern networking techniques and smart use of social communities.

Competitor research $699

When it comes to your business’s performance, you need to know who the major competitors are in your specific field. PYPA will research their marketing methods, customer base, prices, press reports, customer feedback and more so you have an accurate picture of how your competitors are functioning.

Website analytics $99

As your main source of information and online presence, having a well-functioning website is key to your success. A simple investment in PYAP’s services can improve your sales numbers and conversion rates. The changes we make have the potential to completely change your company’s future.

Promotional videos $599

If you need a fresh way to promote your business and communicate to people what kind of valuable services you provide, video content may be right for you. PYPA excels at creating engaging video content, and we want to partner with you to create a video that will reflect your brand.